Exotica, the flower experts take your personal information such as your phone number and password that you’ve set up for your login account on the website to easily track your activity only to assist you in the whole process. We collect visitor data and analyze the traffic on our website to stand top in the SEO rankings. When a customer enters his/her search, it allows us to store the information for further inquiry to help us to understand our customer’s preferences and accordingly improve our site. A short text appears whenever you open the Exotica website that asks you a question, often like an agreement. This agreement is nothing else but cookies that get downloaded in your computer or any device you’re surfing the website through. Along with cookies, the pages you view and open are stored as well.

Cookies are used to store small information and data that will eventually help us in traffic analysis only. Be assured; these cookies do not store or make use of your personal information. People are always afraid of their private details getting leaked to a third party and being recorded when surfing online, but rest assured, cookies do not indulge in any of these practices. It is just a mere process to help us increase our SEO ratings. The browser you choose to work on will allow you to set your preferences to block or refuse those cookies and whether or not to notify you before they are placed. We do not share any of your information entered to any third party and swear to keep it private. We target to protect your privacy and the information that you serve us and submit through the Internet.

Various pages on the website ask you several questions and to submit your personal info to the company. This information is strictly circulated only among the Group affiliates and restricted to any third party as per our policy. Any application, request, or inquiry you make is in the interest of the Company and related officials for the up-gradation of the process.

We help you provide the best services only when you become ready to comply with our policies. When you access this site, you are open to our services, and this also indicates your acceptance of our policies. You can use our services in a variety of ways to manage your privacy. You can contact us through the mail, whatsapp, or direct by phone call for any query or assistance that cannot be further solved via the references mentioned on the website.

Please carefully consider the policies mentioned above to understand our working and practices regarding your information and how Exotica will treat it. If you file a denial against any information that Exotica asks you to provide, we may not be able to extend all-out services to you fruitfully. Your data collector is responsible for the disclosure, use, retention, collection, and protection of your details and information. Make sure you agree to the terms and only then take further action.