Variety of Flowers

Asiatic Lily

  Asiatic Lily Putting a smile on the face of a loved one or even an acquaintance could not be easier then gifting them a bunch of beautiful flowers.  The Asiatic Lily is an irresistible variety available in an array of colors which can only be fathomed.  The trumpet like appearance of the Asiatic Lily with its long stems starting from 6 inches growing upto 4 feet makes it a showstopper when placed amongst many other kinds of flowers.  It towers tall so can be used for short or very tall arrangements with pointy long stark green leaves adorning its equally green robust stem.  This variety of the lily is unscented as most lilies in the lilium plant series are with the exception of a few. The Asiatic Lily originated in Japan and was chanced upon by the English in the 1800’s.  The ease of cultivating and caring for this plant along with the long lasting blooming of the flower has made it amongst the popular species of flowers.  From early summer starting May till the beginning of fall these flowers are available in abundance and are not as delicate to handle once they are cut from the main plant.  One can keep these flowers for a couple of days to a few weeks depending on much care is taken of the cut flower.  The processes before placing the Asiatic Lily in the vase and after putting them in the vase are two different steps.  If done properly then one can enjoy the magnificence of the Asiatic Lily flowers presence in your home or office for many days.   Points to keep in mind for caring of your Asiatic Lily flower: Keep the flowers in fresh water from the time you receive them till the time they are displayed in your home or office.  Most people upon receiving the flowers place them directly with the packing in the vase or take off the packing and put them in fresh water directly.  Thereafter, the water is rarely changed if changed at all.  Every two to three days the water should be changed and fresh water should be filled.  When changing the water, cut the stem slightly (about an inch or two) at a 45 degree angle with a sharp knife while the flower stem is submerged in a sink or bucket full of water.  This will enable the flower to draw enough water into the stem to keep it hydrated.  Also consider putting some plant food or floral preservative to the water in the clean vase before placing the flowers inside the vase.  If the plant food is not available then one can make their own plant food by taking one quart of water, 2 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice,  a tablespoon of sugar half a tablespoon of bleach and combining these elements.  You will regal in the beauty of your Asiatic Lilies for days to come.   Prune the flowers regularly Make sure the leaves are not submerged in the water while they are in the vase as that will make the water dirty and therefore decrease the life of the flower.  Remove any leaves that turn brown which are above the water.  The center heart of the flower is dotted with a central pistil jutting out from amongst the stamens surrounding it.  This is the pollen of the flower.  Pollen may fall on the flower petals or the area surrounding and cause discoloration.  In order to increase the life of the flower then this pistil which is the pollen can be removed from the center of the flower.   Place them in a proper area Although these flowers bloom in full sunlight when they are a plant but once they are cut they become somewhat sensitive to the sun if it is harsh or direct.  Take care to place the flowers in an area which is constantly cool and has no fan overhead.  A daily mist will also keep them quite happy as well. If you handle your blooms with tender loving care then you are sure to enjoy them for a longer amount of time.


  Roses A gift of flowers is one of the best ways to communicate what you are feeling to that special someone, to your best friend, or your mother.  The types of flowers that you select and even the number of flowers you are sending all convey various messages and sometime when we are at a loss of words on what to say then saying it through flowers seems so much easier as well as graceful.  Amongst flowers roses are the ones which have the most universal appeal.  The whiff of the fragrance of a rose along with its elegant long stems and layered petals are a natural happiness booster which even science agrees upon. Roses are extremely versatile as a flower and come in the most abundant variation of colors; each color conveying something significant and meaningful.  England loves this variety of flower so much that it is officially their national flower. Greek mythology has an interesting fable in which Aphrodite was rushing towards the side of Adonis, the deity of plants and flowers, when the thorns of the flowers caused a gash on her feet and the blood stained the flowers red.  That is how roses got their red color! A red rose has been a sign of love for ages and the number of red roses puts across exactly what stage of the relationship you may be at.  Two roses convey a sign of mutual love between a couple, three roses are traditionally best for celebrating a one month anniversary, six roses are when you are maybe a secret admirer or you want to open up about your feelings to the opposite person and finally 12 roses which is the amount you give to your special someone on a special occasion such as your anniversary, Valentines, or even your loves birthday just to reemphasize how much they mean to you.  There is one other love in your life like no other, your mother.  A gift of red roses to her can reinforce how blessed you feel to have her. Pink colored roses are not quite as intense in meaning as the red rose but again mostly gifted to show that you care for that person, not necessarily in a romantic way.  Your favorite aunt has her birthday coming up or your friend needs a little pep up after going through something in his or her life.  Send a bunch of pink roses and that is sure to bring a twinkle in their eye. A yellow rose is wonderful if you want to send these beautiful flowers to your best friend, or to your boss on his birthday, and also to your father on Father’s Day. These roses are most versatile and communicate a neutral message as you may not want to really have too much depth to your gift like the way a red rose has.  Gold roses are also a safe bet to convey friendship but you should keep the taste of the individual you are gifting to in mind when you choose between yellow and gold. White roses are a sign of innocence and purity; a great choice when you wish to welcome a new born into the world and congratulate the ecstatic parents. Even in weddings the flower of choice in the bridal bouquet is generally white roses to show that this is an occasion filled with gratitude and appreciation for each other.  Believe it or not there are rainbow colored roses, purple colored roses and even burgundy colored roses.   Exotica hand picks their flowers to make sure they get the freshest and most beautiful ones since we know nothing other than the best is what you need. Our website has the most amazing options available.