Wooden Base of Cymbidium, Roses, Tulips & Daisy


Rs. 17500

A perfect gift for the love of your life. A wonderful heart of red roses and exotic flowers with assorted flowers on the base giving it a garden of love vibes. Send it for your wife /girlfriend and show them how much You love


This Wooden Base Consist of

9 Stems of Red Tulip

6 Stems of White Tulip

1 Stem of Green Cymbidium

1 Stem of Pink Hydrangea

4 Stems of Baby Pink Roses

3 Stems of Jumilia Roses

40 Stems of Red  Roses

7 Stems of Orange Roses

7 Stems of Peach Roses

4 Stem of Silver Anthuriums

3 Stems of Gypsophila

2 Stems of Sunset Safari

2 Stems of Purple Daisy

10 Stems of White Daisy

2 Stems or 4 Buds of Pink Oriental Lily

5 Stems of Green Hypercium Berry

3 Stems of Red Hypercium Berry

2 Stems of White Hypercium Berry

4 Stems of Pink Wax Flowers

1 Wooden Base, Base 15 X 23, Vertical Potion 15 X 23 Inches

Base is made from 0.5" Ply & Enamel Paint

Mix of Indian & Exotic Leaves