Glass Vase of Cymbidium, Roses, Daisy, Carnations


Rs. 7500

This glass vase can convey the message of love, appreciation, honor, and gratitude. It is a great gift for someone you respect and appreciate. You can also gift this vase while parting from someone to show your gratitude and thankfulness for the relationship that you shared.

Reach out to us at Exotica in Delhi, and get your beautiful vase delivered to your doorstep. Our experienced and professional stylists will create the perfect vase for your occasion. Whether you are expecting guests or adding new decor items to your personal space, we are at your service.


This Vase Arrangement consist of

1 Stem of Red Cymbidium

10 Stems of Peach Roses

18 Stems of Purple Carnations

5 Stems of Yellow Daisy

2 Stems of White Hypercium Berry

Lots of Pearls in Golden Cage

1 pc Imported Glass Vase (Best Quality)

Mix of Indian & Exotic Leaves