Cala Lily, Hypercium Berry & Roses


Rs. 5500

Flowers make your day a little brighter. Whether you see them in a bouquet or a garden, they add colors and joy. At Exotica, we provide a perfect bouquet for those who have an eye for perfection. The color combination of the calla lilies in addition to the pink roses and green berries with black wrapping gives it an aesthetic look. We have an extensive collection of fresh and exotic flowers ready to impress your guests at an occasion or otherwise.

Place your order for a perfect bouquet at Exotica in Delhi NCR from the comfort of your home and expect a flash delivery at the earliest.



This Flower Hand Bunch consist of

  • 7 Stems of Yellow Cala Lily
  • 12 Stems of Peach Roses
  • 15 Stems of Blossom Pink Roses
  • 4 Stems of Green Hypercium Berry
  • 10 Stems of Leather Fern
  • Few Seasonal Fillers