Mirror Box of Mix Hydrangeas


Rs. 4150

Are you searching for a unique gift for your special one? Exotica is the name you should trust for a perfect surprise. At Exotica, we have a stunning mirror Box with “hydrangea” and three different colors that can be gifted to your loved ones to bring a smile to their face. Flowers speak the secret language of love, and our magnificent mirror box of hydrangeas fills love in dull places.

Our team at Exotica in NCR will help you learn more about our mirror box of vibrant hydrangeas.


This Flower Box consist of

1 Stem of White Hydrangea

1 Stem of Blue Hydrangea

1 Stem of Red Hydrangea

4 Stems of Unipress Plant

1 Designer Copper Mirror Box - 8"X 8"X 6"